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White Horse Reference Materials -a subsidiary of White Horse Technical Services
Member ASTM

Titanium Standards now released to world-wide market

Certified Reference Materials with hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen

High precision standards dosed to prescribed levels.

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for titanium pin standards (CRM & RM) with H2, O2, N2 and carbon values:

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White Horse Technical Services was approached and asked to research and develop a refinement of NIST's process for dosing hydrogen into titanium material, which did not produce sufficiently homogeneous results (NIST had to chip the material and mix it up to achieve good homogeneity).
WHTS understood the need for high quality hydrogen-in-titanium CRM standards and engaged in the R&D necessary to meet this need. After designing and building the equipment necessary to produce a premium product, WHTS was contracted by NIST to supply a replacement of their chipped material SRM2453 (Hydrogen: 114 mg/kg ± 5 mg/kg @4.4%RSD) which was running out of stock.
WHTS Developed refinements to the NIST procedure and assembled a proprietary 16 step production process for high precision hydrogen-in-titanium pin standards. Once the candidate material was produced, WHRM test laboratory was commissioned to work in tandem with NIST scientists for the SRM's characterization. The material was found to meet NIST's acceptance requirements, and with full characterization SRM2453a (127.8 mg/kg ± 2.5 mg/kg @2.0%RSD) came to market .
The process we used to manufacture the candidate material allows any target level of concentration to be produced ranging from 2 to 300ppm. While extensions outside this range are considered possible, experimentation has not yet been completed for confirmation.
WHTS continues to produce lots of material for NIST, utilizing its R&D to improve this technology and expand into other processes.
In 2018, WHRM introduced to the world market its technology for world-wide distribution of high precision, precisely dosed hydrogen-in-titanium Certified Reference Materials.

CLICK HERE to go White Horse Reference Materials to purchase our Titanium Pin Standards.

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