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Rebuild Service

A Rebuilt TC-436 Oxygen Nitrogen Determinaror.

Would you like your used instrument as reliable as new?
It's amazingly inexpensive!

Parts to rebuild LECO Determinaor Analyzers.

It's all about Quality: New? Used?

LECO makes quality instruments. As time goes by, however, the quality of your test results becomes questionable due to aging or failing components, and your in-house service technician may have missed some important maintenance issues. When reliability sags or repair bills seem continuous and ominous, a complete evaluation of your instrument is in order.

Once we have made an Electrical, Mechanical and Integral Inspection and complete a Maintenance History File and a Reliability Profile, you have valuable evaluation tools to predict the future costs of operating your instrument.
(For more information, see the Preventative Maintenance page.)

Are you concerned about parts availability for your LECO instrument? For most LECO instruments, we offer a parts availability guarantee! We put our money where our mouth is. Whatever the part is, if your instrument needs it for repair to keep it operational at factory specifications - we guarantee we will have it in stock for the life of the guarantee. Ask about plans for from 1 to 5 years, and how we incorporate it into any refurbished/rebuit instrument we sell.

We can help you compare the cost-to-operate for your current instrument inventory with the cost-to-operate for new instruments you may be considering for purchase. If high reliability is a priority for you and cost is no object, then by all means buy a new instrument. What are you waiting for?
If, however, high reliability at a minimum cost is a priority for you, a complete rebuild of your instrument (or a used one you may be considering for purchase) may be the perfect choice. The numbers established in this process will bring much light to the process, and help make the decision a clear choice.
Instrument Rebuilds
Your instrument can be as reliable and perform like new again, with a better than new warranty at much less cost than a new instrument!
We know how to make your instrument work like new or better. Even look like new, if you want. We offer a one-year warranty on the instrument (USA) for Complete Rebuilds, 90 days on others.
A rebuild of your instrument is typically done when your instrument is 15-20 years old or has seen heavy use or has been operated under abusive conditions.
We have compiled a list of known failure items for your instrument, with Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), failure mode and criticality listed. A Complete Rebuild consists of replacing most everything in your instrument that has been known to fail (Adjustments to the list are made to compensate for your instruments' actual condition).
For newer instruments that have seen excessive use, but are otherwise in good shape, or older instruments that show an otherwise excellent maintenance history and have been preserved well, an Incremental Upgrade may be the most prudent choice.
Are you tired of unreliable operation? Too many service calls? Are you considering purchasing a new instrument? Sometimes we will suggest you purchase a new instrument, however most customers are surprised at how inexpensive it is to make their older instrument as reliable and accurate as a new one.
Your older instruments
Dinosaurs still live in this industry. (Remember the old Carbon Determinator with the pink fluid? Yes they still give very good and reliable test results, if you can find one.) Your instrument may not be worthy of a rebuild, but with only a few exceptions, every instrument LECO© has made can still be made to operate at or above factory specifications at minimal cost. No matter how old your instrument or what it's ailments are, we can take care of your needs. Almost 100% of the parts for your older LECO analyzer are still available from the OEM or surplus sources, and only a few parts require new design replacements. Check out the options we can provide.
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