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White Horse Technical Services,
©White Horse Technical Services Copywright 2004 White Horse Technical Services,  Specializing in the Maqintenance and Repair of LECO Instrumentation Specializing in the Maintenance and repair of LECO© Instrumentation.
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White Horse Technical Services

White Horse Technical Services is owned and operated by Curtis Vancura and his family.

Curtis Vancura and his wife Boonlai and son John
Curtis started servicing aerospace instrumentation in Phoenix, Arizona in 1974. He later worked as an engineer designing satellite test equipment, then designed and manufactured custom communication equipment for various government agencies (primarily the FBI).
In 1990, Curtis learned of a need for repairs on LECO® determinators in the Southwest, and began an education on several models of LECO® Interstitial Gas Analyzers.
In 1991, with his first customer, he started this company and was welcomed by many companies for their LECO® repairs.
In 1999 Curtis moved to California and married Boonlai. In 2001, John was born.
Boonlai is an excellent Thai cook, seamstress, housewife and mother. She helps out in small ways with the company as well. John insists on practicing with daddy's tools . . .
In 2006 Curtis opened a 1400 sq.ft. workshop facility equipped to fully rebuild your instrument to look and perform like new.
What kind of work can you expect?
Through the years Curtis has been trained in military and space electronics and understands the inherent reliability required for those industries, in addition, he has a well balanced training in all of the technologies used in your instrument. Add that to the 25+ years specializing in LECO® instruments, the foundation for quality work is well grounded.
Curtis sees himself as a service engineer/consultant. Really, a member of your own organization. As a result, all his recommendations and decisions are aimed at the best interest of you, his employer. Working in this way, he will work and recommend work done to uphold high standards of reliability and accuracy, always with an experienced eye on costs.
Adding to his expertise at servicing your instruments, Curtis strives to assist you in gaining the confidence of your customers by assisting you with QA Procedures, Technician Training, Performance Certification and equipment Cost Evaluation.

Workshop (Shipping) Address:
White Horse Technical Services
10902 Grand Avenue, Suite K
Temple City, CA 917 80

Mail correspondence to:
White Horse Technical Services
6248 N San Gabriel Blvd. #17
San Gabriel, CA 91775

Curtis Vancura: (626) 840-9004
Boonlai Vancura: (626) 848-6590

Where did White Horse Technical Services get it's name? Curtis has a vivid memory of someone telling him while in grade school that his name meant 'Rider on white horse'. He hasn't found any modern reference to that meaning in relation to his name, but chose to use this and the common phrase: "The good guy always rides in on the white horse (to save the day)" to be an identifying motto, and the basis for naming his company.

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